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Fashion: A Close-Up

25 April - 25 October

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At cinema, at last

11 July - 26 October

pioner open air

Билеты на сеансы в Летнем Пионере — без мест, действует свободная рассадка

omnibus bookstore

  • 25.06 Storytelling Session

    During the storytelling sessions at the «Magic Bookroom» bookstores the participants tell each other stories that happened either to them or to their friends. Start — 19.30

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Stories have been uniting people since antiquity. Storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of communication. The contemporary storytelling movement implies the study of the traditional culture of narration, independent, usually scientific collection of folk stories, and certainly teaching and introduction to the art of telling stories aloud, by heart, which requires not only knowledge, but also courage and artistry. In Moscow, the storytelling movement is supported and developed by the project «Storytelling Sessions».

During the storytelling sessions at the «Magic Bookroom» bookstores the participants tell each other stories that happened either to them or to their friends, as well as tales, legends, fables and pieces of wisdom of any nation of the world. Several narrators take part in storytelling sessions – each has 15 minutes for a story. During the meetings, participants can drink tea, play musical instruments or do fancy-work.

Anyone interested are invited to take part in these sessions.

Being a good listener is as important as being a good storyteller.

Start — 19.30

pion cafe



Pioner was reopened in October 2009 and shortly after became one of the most significant cultural venues of Moscow. It’s a place with an attitude, where conditions of film experience, such as high-quality projection, priority of subtitles over dubbing as well as general anti-popcorn policy, are as much important as films themselves.


Pioner's lineup always offers the best of contemporary cinema: from films of Michael Haneke and Lars von Trier to unconventional mainstream and innovative blockbusters. Member of Europa Cinemas and CICAE, it pays special attention to European cinema and presents the whole spectrum of its genres and forms – from low-budget features and festival hits to documentaries, shorts and animation.


Each year Pioner hosts various film festivals as well as weeks of French and Israeli cinema. One of its highlights is BRICK, the annual festival of British cinema launched and programmed solely by Pioner. In the past few years Pioner has organised retrospectives of Bela Tarr and Seijun Suzuki, Paul Verhoeven and Alfred Hitchcock, Alexei German and Alexei Balabanov among others. It permanently collaborates with the Moscow Film Museum, UNIFRANCE, BFI and other national and international film institutions.


Pioner is the only cinema in Russia that screens undistributed Russian art-films and makes theatrical premieres of artistic TV series. It has screened Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory and South Park.
The Thaw (Ottepel'), obviously the best Russian TV series of the past years, had been also shown in Pioner before it officially premiered on TV.
Apart from its theatrical activities Pioner has launched the series of books on contemporary film funding and already published three of them, focused on French, Polish and Israeli film industries respectively.


Pioner Open Air is the biggest open-air cinema in Russia, with the capacity of more than 350 viewers. It is located in Moscow's Gorky Park and operates daily from May till October, regardless of weather conditions. In case it is cold there are warm plaids, and in case it rains there are umbrellas and raincoats. Sharing the attitude of Pioner, it has a diverse cultural program that includes festival of “architectural  cinema”, series of lectures on classic Soviet films, program of documentaries, night screenings of established American TV series as well as concerts of music and even theatre performances which run in the afternoons, before it gets dark and time for films starts


"Omnibus" in Pioner cinema is a store with fascinating selection of unique books, movies, music and other stuff that features an intimate atmosphere. Every single book, teddy bear, world map or any other thing that you will find in this sovereign territory (Magic Bookroom even has its own citizenship) was chosen not that simple, but because it is significant and interesting for the team of the shop and their friends.
“Omnibus” was designed to evoke the desire of spending hours for reading and looking through the books; to make it easy for every guest to find a suitable novel, poetry collection, treatise on philosophy or a children’s book with wonderful pictures; to provide a variety of gifts for the friends, colleagues and relatives; to give a fairy tale to those who are looking for it, regardless of their age.


Pion is a cosy restaurant located in Pioner. It serves classic European dishes and offers a variety of drinks.

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