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1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (film) -

On 24 July at Pioner Open Air in Sokolniki Park, we will host the Russian premiere of “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” a major historical project from British director Mike Newell. The premiere will be a part of Pioner Cinema and MasterCard’s “Priceless Cities in Cinema.” The reception will begin at 20:30, […]

2. Fight Club (film) -

Also at Pioner Open Air in Sokolniki Park and Gorky Park This cult classic film that transformed the minds of Generation X returns to the big screen. Based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name, David Fincher created a complex phantasmagorical construction based on bitter disappointment in the American drama and the hopeless search […]

3. Berlin, I Love You (film) -

A declaration of love to one of the most exciting, dynamic cities in the world: 11 stories filmed by directors from different countries about people who live in Berlin or come there for a short time. They are all brought together by one thing: the search for true love, which can take all kinds of […]

4. Domino (film) -

Christian is one of the best police officers in Copenhagen, but one day, due to his mistake, his partner dies at the hands of a terrorist, the Libyan immigrant Imran. Hungry for revenge at his friend’s death, Christian sets off in search of the murderer around the whole of Europe. His partner in this is […]

5. Aladdin (film) -

Dubbed version at Summer Pioner in Sokolniki Park Aladdin grew up on the streets of Agrabah, the beautiful capital of a divine Eastern kingdom. Here, he learned to eke out a living on the streetand hoodwink the city’s guards. But one day, the little thief runs out of luck, and he finds himself in jail. […]

6. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (film) -

Dubbed version at Pioner Open-Air in Sokolniki Park and Gorky Park Top-notch private detective Harry Goodman suddenly disappears without a trace. His son, Tim takes the investigation upon himself in order to find out what happened. Unexpectedly, he finds himself with a completely unexpected assistant: Detective Pikachu. He’s fun, smart, charming, a true professional…and a […]

7. Mid90s (film) -

This is the directorial debut of actor Jonah Hill Джоны Хилла: a shout-out to the America of his childhood, without cell phones, internet, or social networks, with music on cassettes and amateur home videos on VHS. Nostalgic, but totally not sentimental. 13-year-old Stevie lives with his mother, who’s more interested in her search for a […]

8. A Faithful Man (L’homme fidèle) (film) -

Ten years ago, Marianne left Abel for his best friend, Paul. But now Paul has died, and Abel and Marianne are ready again to live together happily ever after — except for two problems. First of all, Paul and Marianne’s son, a sullen boy with an attitude problem, hates Abel, and for that matter believes […]

9. Russian Shorts 2 (Russkoe Kratkoe. Vypusk 2) (film) -

Russian Shorts (Russkoe Kratkoe) are collections of the best Russian short films, each of which consists of five films. Russian Shorts brings famous filmmakers and young directors together in one program. The collections include films from all different genres, from comedy to horror and from stories of young love to existential dramas. Russian Shorts 2 […]

10. Aquaman (film) -

Arthur Curry (“Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa) believed he was the son of a simple lighthouse keeper. But one day, his mother reveals the truth: he is the heir to the throne of a fantastical underwater kingdom, and in the future, he must become the ruler of the seven seas. Along with his sassy […]