Pioner Cinema » 15th Annual Israeli Film Festival

Pioner Cinema and the Israeli Embassy in the Russian Federation present the 15th Annual Israeli Film Festival.

From 28 August through 4 September, Pioner Cinema will host the 15th Annual Israeli Film Festival, dedicated to the 25-year anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia. The programme includes a wide range of films – comedies, dramas, romances, and even philosophical proverbs, all of which are distinguished by the unmistakeable presence of the author’s voice. Most of the films were well-received by both industry experts and audiences at major Israeli and international film festivals. The festival’s grand opening will take place at Summer Pioner in Sokolniki Park. Director Elad Keidan will personally present his film, “Afterthought,” which had its world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

The festival will devote special attention to Nadav Lapid – perhaps the best-known and most prolific director of the Israeli “new generation,” who has already become a festival star and a crowd favorite. Two of his films will be shown at the festival: the sensational “The Kindergarten Teacher,” a story of poetry, seduction, and solitude; and his newest, “From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer,” shown as part of the “Critics’ Week” programme at the most recent Cannes Film Festival. The film will be introduced by actor Ohad Knoller.

The Israeli Film Festival has always devoted attention to documentary filmmaking. This year, the programme includes two very different documentaries: “Rabin in His Own Words,” a portrait of the outstanding Israeli prime minister, Itzhak Rabin, who was killed in 1995; and “Presenting Princess Shaw,” a fantastical story about the birth of talent and love in the wilds of the Internet.

All films will be shown with Hebrew audio and Russian subtitles.

Full festival programme:

Afterthought, dir. Elad Keidan
28 August, 20:30 / Summer Pioner in Sokolniki Park
Introduction by director Elad Keidan

Wedding Doll, dir. Nitzan Gilad
29 August, 19:30 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky

10% My Child, dir. Uri Bar-On
30 August, 19:30 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky

The Kindergarten Teacher, dir. Nadal Rapid
31 August, 19:30 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky

Rabin in His Own Words, dir. Erez Laufer
1 September, 19:30 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky

Presenting Princess Shaw, dir. Ido Haar
2 September, 19:30 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky

From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer, dir. Nadav Rapid
3 September, 18:00 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky
Introduction by actor Ohad Knoller

Beaufort, dir. Joseph Cedar
3 September, 19:30 / MGIMO University

Abulele, dir. Jonathan Geva
4 September, 14:00 / Pioner on Kutuzovsky