Pioner Cinema » Not Everyone’s At Home

During the New Year holidays, Pioner will show a programme of famous Hollywood comedies – “Not Everyone’s At Home”
From 2 through 8 January, only at Pioner – the craziest comedies of the 80s and 90s, which have become contemporary classics – the ideal films for the New Year holidays. In the programme are Sydney Pollack’s “Tootsie,” Chris Columbus’ “Home Alone,” Barry Sonnenfeld’s “The Addams Family,” and Chuck Russell’s “The Mask”.

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2 January

«Home alone» (1990) — an absolute hit from the early 90s. A universal family comedy about the eight-year-old Kevin, who is accidentally left at home during the Christmas holidays, when an empty American home traditionally becomes the main target for thieves. The role of Kevin was a starmaker for Macaulay Culkin, and made him the highest-paid child in Hollywood.

4 January

«The Addams Family» (1991) — Barry Sonnenfeld’s cult classic – a sharp-witted comic fantasy for the whole family. The story of an infernal and extraordinarily strange family, whose already strange everyday lives become even more insane after the arrival of the crook Fester. He plays at being a relative of the household who disappeared twenty-five years ago and desires to take over their dubious wealth.

6 January

«The Mask» (1994) — a fantastical comic cartoon about a shy and universally kicked-around office clerk (Jim Carrey), who transforms into a superhero after donning a magical mask that he found by accident. The slapstick comedy became Jim Carrey’s first real triumph, stunning everyone with his insane mime and physical comedy. In addition, Cameron Diaz’s star career began with her debut role in this film.

8 January

«Tootsie» (1982) — Sydney Pollack’s masterpiece, named the best film of all time in 2015 by Time Out New York. This brilliant romantic comedy tells about unlucky actor Michael (Dustin Hoffman), who can’t land a single role thanks to his spiky character. In despair, he decides to secretly dress as a woman in order to audition for a female part in a soap opera – and to his surprise, the trick works. “Tootsie” is one of the brilliant Dustin Hoffman’s greatest roles. The film received ten Oscar nominations, and a win for Best Supporting Actress (Jessica Lange).