Pioner Cinema » Alexey German Retrospective

From 16 September through 7 October, Pioner will host a retrospective of A.Y. German’s work.

Screening schedule:
16 September, 14:00 – 20 Days Without War (20 dney bez voyny)
20 September, 16:40 – Workshop (Masterskaya)
23 September, 14:00 – My Friend, Ivan Lapshin (Moy drug, Ivan Lapshin)
24 September, 19:10 – Workshop (Masterskaya)
26 September, 14:30 – Workshop (Masterskaya)
30 September, 14:30 – Trial on the Road (Proverka na dorogakh)
2 October, 19:20 – Workshop (Masterskaya)
7 October, 14:30 – Hard to be a God (Trudno byt bogom)

“This year is my father’s 80th birthday. It’s already a completely different sensation to watch his films in cinemas – from the depth and authenticity of the work. The chance to see these classics of both Soviet and worldwide cinema in a theater is a much deeper emotional experience than on a computer or television screen.” Alexey German Jr, on the retrospective.