Pioner Cinema » Eat Film Festival: The Quest of Alain Ducasse

We will host a special screening on 20 July at Pioner Open air in Gorky Park as part of the Eat Film Festival./a>

Alain Ducasse goes to the garden to try a carrot. Alain Ducasse flies to Tokyo for the tenth birthday of his restaurant and sits in the cockpit – after all, he’s got to tell the pilots how to properly cook a lobster. Alain Ducasse manages to go to Kyoto for dinner, and in the morning, straight from the plane, goes to review his pastry chef’s desserts. The architect of his Versailles restaurant talks about the details of his drafting right in front of Ducasse, but the maestro smiles – “No, I mean really – would you like to eat?” – and sets out a non-trivial feast right among the sketches. Alain Ducasse and Massimo Bottura feed residents of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas a meal of sardines and fried bananas. Alain Ducasse flies to Hong Kong for an inspection of his restaurant – and since he’s going there anyway, stops by the shepherds in Karakorum, Mongolia.

Two years in the life of a man with a list of accomplishments spanning several pages – all compressed into an hour and a half of screen time. Alain Ducasse is a chef, restauranteur, hotelier, holder of a world-record number of Michelin stars, TV star, writer, farmer, cheesemonger, chocolatier, living legend of cooking, and teacher of a good dozen or so such legends, including the aforementioned Massimo Bottura – the world’s number one chef today. But most importantly – he is a person, after thirty years of endless dinners and tastings, whose eyes still glow when he sees fresh vegetables on the grill, a well-cooked fish, and a glass of good wine.