Pioner Cinema » Evening with Garri Bardin at Pioner Cinema

Premiere of the film “Three melodies” and a Q&A session with the director

On May 5th, at Pioner Cinema, the audience will see the premiere screening of the cartoon “Three melodies” – a new work by the legendary Russian animator Garri Bardin. Part of the money for the shooting was gathered by means of crowd funding. This will be a unique opportunity to see “Three melodies” on the big screen.

During that evening the audience will also be able to see four selected works of the master’s large filmography, which are made using different animation techniques: “Intricate movements” (“Vykrutasy”) are made from wire, “Conflict” – from matches, “Adagio” – from paper, “Puss in Boots” – from plasticine.

Garri Bardin will present the films by himself, and the screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the director. Garri Bardin is a legendary figure not only of the Soviet and Russian animation. His name is known all over the world. He is a winner of state prizes, five Nika Awards, Cannes Film Festival and many other international festivals. Symbolic parables of Garri Bardin haven’t lost their relevance even today.

Screening – 21.30


Three melodies, (2013), 18 min.
Three melodies are three stories. The first melody is a story about young lovers obsessed with their feelings, which comes with Massenet’s “Elegy.” The second story represents Louis Armstrong’s great song “Let My People Go.” The third story is a philosophical parable about life, combined with the “Introduction” and “Rondo capriccioso” of Saint-Saëns. “At school it was very easy to write an essay titled “What is the sense of life?” But over the years it becomes more and more difficult to answer that question. I have asked myself that question and have tried to formulate it in the film ‘Three melodies,’” – says Garri Bardin.

“Puss in Boots” (1995), 27 min.
A plasticine cartoon based on the tale by Charles Perrault. Messy Russia of the ‘perestroika’ period. A young drunkard patriot Carabasov gets a cat from an American humanitarian mission. After getting boots, the Cat suggests that Carabasov should emigrate to the U.S. and that they should use his tail as a propeller. But all of a sudden they find themselves in France of the baroque period, inhabited with beautiful princesses and dreadful ogres who live in castles… One of the most famous films of Bardin, a bitter satire on the Russian notorious patriotism and lack of culture. Best Director Award of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival (1996), Special Prize of the Hiroshima International Animation Festival (1996), prize of the Rouyn-Noranda International Film Festival, Canada (1997), etc.

“Conflict” (1983), 8 min.
An allegoric anti-war story about matches that weren’t able to share a box. The quarrel between the matches with blue heads and the ones with green heads flared up because of nonsense – because of the colour, and ended, on the scale of matches, with geopolitics and a nuclear war. The film used to be very popular, although Bardin had several problems: it’s hard to believe, but at the beginning of 1980s, the State Cinema Committee considered that symbolic work of Bardin too pacifist. Bardin saw the plot of the film in a dream.

“Intricate movements” / “Vykrutasy” (1987), 10 min.
A story of a wire man, who had created a wonderful world – built a house, set up a garden, married a woman, and then destroyed everything trying to defend himself from the world around him. He turned everything he loved, including his wife, into barbed wire, constructed a wall that isolated him from the outside world and found himself in total and absurd alienation. At the end of the 1980s the metaphor of communist world was quite clear. Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival for the Best Short Film (1988).

“Adagio” (2000), 10 min.
A cartoon made in the stylistics of paper origami figures. A parable telling us that no man is a prophet in his own land. The humankind is blind: it is capable of rejecting and treading down a messiah, and only after his death it is able to follow his covenants. Nevertheless, it is ready not to notice the historical ‘eternal homecoming’ and to make the same mistakes again and again… Gold Award of the New York Expo of Short Films, Grand Prix of the festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg, Grand Prix of the festival “Stalker,” Nika Award, etc.

Total length of the program: 73 min.