Pioner Cinema » Fashion: A Close-Up

Vogue magazine and Pioner cinema introduce a joint project ⎯ «Fashion: A Close-Up» film festival, dedicated to the interaction of the most powerful art forms ⎯ fashion and cinema, couturiers and cinematographers, the world of the catwalk and the world of the red carpet.

Fashion and cinema have always been connected to each other: designers are looking for inspiration in the history of cinema, its heroes and atmosphere, while filming process cannot exist without costumiers and stylists, who get ideas in the fashion world in order to create the unique and recognizable style of film heroes. Cinema, as well as fashion, is a form of popular visual art, free and sometimes provocative.
The festival opens on the 25th of April with the famous film «The September Issue», dedicated to the workdays of the American Vogue and the creating process of one of the biggest Vogue issues.
Next month the festival will feature the film «I am Love («Io sono l’amore»). Italian landscapes, a dramatic story and an Oscar nomination for the best achievements in costume design have turned this film into a true work of art.

On the last weekend of June the festival will show a documentary on the story of life and work of Valentino Garavani, the greatest couturier of the 20th and 21st centuries — «Valentino: The Last Emperor».
The fourth feature of the festival will be «Pandora’s Box» («Die Büchse der Pandora») ⎯ an exquisite silent film, provocative for its time, based on the plays by Frank Wedekind (1928).
In August the audience will see the film by Stanley Donen «Funny Face» with the peerless Audrey Hepburn ⎯ a story about an ordinary girl who becomes a cover model of the most powerful fashion magazine.
In September the festival will show the film «Model» by the classic of American documentary cinema Frederick Wiseman, dedicated to the history of modern modeling business.
The festival will close with the experimental film «Rage», based on the interviews with fourteen imaginary representatives of fashion industry.

The program will be divided in chapters (one chapter ⎯ one film). Every month, from April to October, the festival will feature one chapter.

Fashion Inside — «The September Issue», R.J. Cutler / USA, 2009

Defile — «I am Love», Luca Guadagnino / Italy, 2009

Portrait of a Couturier: A Close-Up — «Valentino: The Last Emperor», Matt Tyrnauer / USA, 2008

Shut up and Style: fashion in the silent era — «Pandora’s Box», Georg Wilhelm Pabst / Germany, 1929

Artist and Model — «Funny Face», Stanley Donen / USA, 1957

Around the Catwalk — «Model», Frederick Wiseman / USA, 1980

Backstage — «Rage», Sally Potter / USA, UK, 2009

All the films will be shown with the original audio and Russian subtitles.