Pioner Cinema » «Frantz» (François Ozon): Pioner premiere

11 October – Pioner premiere!

Reception at 20:00. Screening at 21:00.

The young Anna and Frantz lived in a small German city and were planning to get married. But into their quiet, idyllic life intruded a gigantic, crazy world – the First World War broke out. Frantz is sent to the front in France, where he, a 23-year-old violinist and lover of Verlaine’s poetry, is killed. The war ends, and Anna’s life has been reduced to supporting her beloved’s aging parents and to her memories of him. One day, she sees a stranger at the cemetery bringing flowers to Frantz’s grave. This man – Adrien – is French, and therefore an enemy. But her meeting him changes her life completely.

“Frantz” is a new film by the brilliant François Ozon, who this time shot a stylized black-and-white film on the extremely relevant and painful theme of friends and enemies in a world of endless war and constant reshuffling of warring sides. The world premiere of “Frantz” took place at the most recent Venice Film Festival, where German actress Paula Beer received the Best Young Actor prize for her role as Anna.