Pioner Cinema » “I am Nanni Moretti” – the first Russian retrospective

The Istituto Di Culture (Institute of Italian Culture) in Moscow and Pioner Cinema, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Moscow, presents the first Russian retrospective of the great Italian director, Nanni Moretti – one of the most award-winning directors of the present day, holder of the Cannes Palme d’Or among other prestigious honors. Never before having been in Russia, Nanni Moretti will personally present his films at Pioner Cinema in Moscow and at the Lendoc Open Film Studio in St. Petersburg.

The retrospective is sponsored by UbiBanca, and is presented in partnership with Alitalia.

The Nanni Moretti retrospective will take place from 8 through 17 November. The opening will be held on 8 November at Pioner Cinema – the director will personally present his film “Dear Diary” (Caro diario, 1993), which received a Golden Globe for best film and the Best Director prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

There are 11 films in the programme for this first Russian retrospective of Nanni Moretti’s work: ten will be shown at Pioner Cinema in Moscow, and one at the Lendoc Open Film Studio in St. Petersburg. As part of the retrospective, several special events will be held. On 9 November, after the screening of “The Caiman” (Il caimano, 2006) at Pioner, there will be a Public Talk with Nanni Moretti and film critic Aleksey Medvedev. On 11 November, the retrospective’s curator, Giovanni Spagnoletti, will present the film “Red Wood Pigeon” (Palombella rossa), and Nanni Moretti will hold a master class at the Moscow Film School (Moskovskaya shkola kino). On 12 November, Nanni Moretti will personally greet the audience at the showing of his film “My Mother” (Mia madre, 2015) at the Lendoc Open Film Studio in St. Petersburg.

All films will be showed in Italian with Russian subtitles.


8 November, 21:00 – Opening. Nanni Moretti presents “Dear Diary” (Caro diario, 1993)

9 November, 19:15 – “The Caiman” (Il caimano, 2006). Public Talk: Nanni Moretti and Aleksey Medvedev.

10 November, 19:30 – “Bianca” (1984)

11 November, 19:30 – Giovanni Spagnioletti presents “Red Wood Pigeon” (Palombella rossa, 1989)

12 November, 16:00 – “It’s a Bomb” (Ecce bombo, 1978)

12 November, 19:00 – Screening at Lendoc Open Film Studio: Nanni Moretti presents “My Mother” (Mia madre, 2015)

13 November, 16:00 – “April” (Aprile, 1998)

14 November, 19:30 – “I Am Self Sufficient” (Io sono un autarchico, 1976)

15 November, 19:30 – “Sweet Dreams” (Sogni d’oro, 1981)

16 November, 19:30 – “The Mass is Ended” (La messa è finita, 1985)

17 November, 19:30 – “The Son’s Room” (La stanza del figlio, 2001)

Retrospective curator Giovanni Spagnoletti on Nanni Moretti:

Nanni Moretti is almost the only contemporary Italian director who allows himself the luxury to filming how he wants, and when he wants. Moretti aims to tell stories not about big idea and great systems, but about everyday life – about families, acquaintances, football…the spirit of the time. This great Italian director applies his talents to outstanding screenplays and strictly functionalist direction, bringing our attention around to the most relevant problems and subjects. Moretti’s audiences laugh at the characters’ lines and the situations they fall into, but the tragic (or tragicomic) and moralist bent of his films almost immediately separated him from the “New Italian Comedians,” like Massimo Troisi and Robert Benigni). Moretti himself invented the following description for his films: “they’re happy, but they make you suffer.”