Pioner Cinema » Ksenia Diodorova’s photo project «In the cold»

On Friday, July 25, the exhibition of Ksenia Diodorova’s documentary photo project «In the cold» opens in the lobby of Pioner Cinema. The project is dedicated to the origins of migration. It’s a story about 24 families of migrant workers — here, in Russia, and in their homeland — the Pamirs, Tadjikistan.

The exhibition opens at 21.00

«Here in Russia, people think that migration strangles our cities, schools, subway carriages. Migration is like flood, it overflows, and we drown. But, to tell the truth, flood is not where the migrants go, but where they come from. Migration and its scope become tangible and comprehensible only when you find yourself at its origins», — Ksenia Diodorova.
For more information, see the article in «Snob» magazine.

The display will include 33 works. The exhibition at Pioner Cinema will last from 25 July to 15 August.

The final aim of the project is to publish a book «In the cold» – a large photo album about the Pamirs and the Pamiri people. The money to publish the book will be raised through crowdfunding. See the information about making a donation on special stands at Pioner Cinema.

The exhibition is organized by Pioner Cinema, «Snob» magazine and «Ptichka» photo lab.