Pioner Cinema » Manhattan Short Film Festival 2021

Manhattan Short Film Festival opens at Pioner on September 23.

The Ten Manhattan Short films hail from eight countries with films from UK, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Norway, Italy, Canada, two films from France, and two films from USA. These 10 short films represent the best short films from among 967 submissions from 70 countries, testimony to the enduring vibrancy and creativity of short films. This year’s Final Ten represent an extraordinary range of film genres that includes intimate dramas; spine-tingling tales; an animated tale of a little girl who falls in love with a beautiful horse; and how a talented teenager copes with restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the program.



GANEF | Mark Rosenblatt, UK

BAD OMEN | Salar Pashtunyar, Afghanistan and Canada

ROUGH | Adam Paterson and Declan Lawn, Northern Ireland

ARCHIBALD’S SYNDROME | Daniel Perez, France

THE KICKSLED CHOIR | Thorfinn Iversen, Norway

CLOSED TO THELIGHT | Nicola Piovizan, Italy

OUT OF TIME | Delphine Montaigne, France

AURORA | Joe Meris, USA

MONSIEUR CACHEMIRE | Yuri Philippe Paillet, Canada