Pioner Cinema » MIFF Pioner Night

On 20 and 21 April, Pioner will host screenings as part of the 40th Annual Moscow International Film Festival.

20 April: “An Elephant Sitting Still” (Hu Bo)
21 April: “Season of the Devil” (Lav Diaz)

“An Elephant Sitting Still”:

Trains and buses travel to Manzhouli, away from Bu and Ling’s city, where their school is located in one of the most depressing neighbourhoods. In Manzhouli, there lives an elephant. No matter what happens around it, it always sits motionless. Bu, who accidentally caused Shuai the bully’s death, needs to get there no matter what. A rebel without a cause and an unwilling dreamer, he runs away from Shuai’s older brother. He has no help or protection in his escape. Even his grandmother, who had always helped him in difficult moments, has died. Long Steadicam shots; syncopated editing in time with the post-rock compositions of Chinese band Hua Lun; the despair and hope which fill the air in equal measure; the deadly but unexpected finale; and the unavoidable cry of the elephant in the dead of night: “An Elephant Sitting Still” is sadly not the most promising, but definitely the most free-spirited film of the 2018 Berlinale Forum.

“Season of the Devil”:

An unexpected yet recognizable film by Lav Diaz, one of the most important Filipino directors of today, steps into the realm of the musical while remaining an excursion into the country’s history.
A remote Filipino village, the 1970s. After Ferdinand Marcos’ rise to power and the following repeal of the constitution, militarized police flood the country and hold its citizens in fear. After the disappearance of Lorena’s wife, who opened a clinic for the poor, Hugo tries to sort out the events, regardless of what local residents think.