Pioner Cinema » Opening of a new season of Pioner Open Air at Gorky Park

On May 1st, during the opening of the third season, Pioner Open Air will present two outstanding comedies – «The Zigzag of Success» by Eldar Ryazanov and «The Adventures of a Dentist» by Elem Klimov.

Screening: 21.30
Free entrance.

«The Zigzag of Success» (1968), 88 min.
A comedy of Eldar Ryazanov’s early period, made at the end of the ‘thaw’ 1960s, the time, when the director shot his first popular films.
It’s a morality story about a photographer Volodya Oreshnikov (Evgeny Leonov), who is working at a small town photo studio and who won ten thousand rubles – a fantastic amount of money for that time.
The only problem is that, in order to buy the lottery ticket, which was worth 20 rubles, the hero took the money from the mutual aid fund… and it means that all the employees of the studio can claim their share of these ‘collective’ winnings.

«The Adventures of a Dentist» (1965), 82 min.
A tragicomic parody by Elem Klimov, which was initially released on a limited number of copies and then was forbidden for distribution until 1987, when it was issued once again.
It’s a story about a young dentist (Andrey Myagkov), who lives in small town (Kaluga) and is famous for painless dental care. It’s an amazing gift, but the consequences are the least pleasant and expected.
It’s the first cinema role of Andrey Myagkov and one of the first scripts by the famous playwright of the 1960s Alexander Volodin.