Pioner Cinema » Paradise (Andrey Konchalovsky): Pre-release screenings

Pre-release screenings – only at Pioner!

From 22 to 28 September, the Andrey Konchalovsky Production Centre and the “Russia 1” television channel will be holding a week of pre-release screenings of Andrey Konchalovsky’s new film, “Paradise,” winner of the Silver Lion at the 73th annual Venice Film Festival. The screenings will take place at Pioner Cinema, in anticipation of the official Russian release of the film.


“Paradise” is a feature film, produced with the support of “Russia 1” and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, about people whose lives and fates crossed paths during the Second World War. The film was the most-discussed premiere of the 73th annual Venice Film Festival. Both critics and audiences noted not only the director’s technical prowess, but also the film’s outstanding performances. The festival jury awarded Konchalovsky’s new work with a prize for Best Director.

Three unique people’s lives cross paths in this story: the Russian emigrant Olga, a member of the French Resistance; the French collaborator, Jules; and the high-ranking German SS officer, Helmut.

Olga is arrested for hiding Jewish children from a Nazi search party. Her case is being handled by Jules. He falls in love with her, and seems to offer an easier punishment in exchange for an intimate relationship – but this is not meant to be. This phantom hope of freedom gives way to a cruel reality – Olga ends up in a German concentration camp. Here, she meets Helmut, who seems to have been head-over-heels in love with her at some point in the past. They begin a strange and painful relationship. The Nazis are already close to defeat, and Helmut decides to save Olga from the camp and run away with her to South America. Olga, having already lost hope for freedom, agrees, but at the last moment realises that her understanding of paradise has changed.

“Paradise” is a collaborative project between Russia and Germany, realized with the help of the Eurimages Fund. The film was shot in three languages – Russian, German, and French. The film’s leading roles are played by Julia Vysotskaya, young German actor Christian Clauss, and the famous French actor Philippe Duquesne. The role of Heinrich Himmler was played by Viktor Sukhorukov. Filming took place in Russia and Germany.

Andrey Konchalovsky is a film and theatre director as well as a screenwriter. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory and at VGIK. He has worked as successfully in film and television as in theatre and the opera. In 1962, Konchalovsky’s first short film won the Bronze Lion at the Venice International Film Festival. From then on, his films, television works, and theatre productions have won prizes at the Venice, Cannes, and Saint Sebastian Film Festivals, as well as earning Emmy, Oscar, and Olivier Awards at both film and theatre festivals.