Pioner Cinema » Pioner Night: Damien Chazelle

On 21 January, Pioner will host a Pioner Night dedicated to director Damien Chazelle. The night’s non-stop screening programme will consist of the director’s first hit, “Whiplash” (2014), and his new film “La La Land” (2016), which was recently awarded a Golden Globe and will likely repeat this success at this year’s Oscars.

Beginning at 23:30.

Damien Chazelle is Hollywood’s biggest discovery in recent years. His second film, “Whiplash,” was a real breakthrough. An independent drama about a beginning drummer dreaming of becoming a great musician, it received glowing reviews from critics and opened a door into Hollywood for the young Chazelle, an honor which he earned without betraying his principles.

One could say that Chazelle has again opened the possibilities of the movie musical genre in mainstream cinema. In “La La Land,” he has done what no one director has managed to do in this millennium: to give new life to the movie musical – a genre previously considered dead – while modernizing it, combining it with today’s reality and new breed of sensitivity.

Unlike other contemporary Hollywood musicals, which are either remakes or screen adaptations of Broadway shows, Chazelle’s film is a completely new and “self-sufficient” story, whose original music has already become a classic and entered into the registers of film history.

Whiplash (2014)

Winner of three Oscars, three BAFTA awards, and both the Grand Prix and the Audience Choice Award at Sundance.

19-year-old Andrew Neiman is a talented drummer, who dreams of becoming a great jazzman like his idol, Charlie Parker. He applies to the leading musical school in the country, and gets into an elite conservatory orchestra under the direction of a sadistic maestro. The boy’s desire to achieve success quickly becomes an obsession, just as the ruthless teacher is similarly obsessed by the idea of total subordination. Who will win the battle?

La La Land (2016)

Seven Golden Globes and a Critics’ Choice as best film of 2016.

Mia (Emma Stone), a young actress, is forced to make a living as a barista on a film set, and in her spare time go to torturous, fruitless auditions. In the hunt for her dream, Mia sets off for Hollywood, where she meets Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) – a young jazz pianist who has not given up the dream of opening his own jazz club, regardless of the fact that his favorite music is going out of style. With time, Mia and Sebastian’s dreams start to come true, and their relationship must stand the test of fame.