Pioner Cinema » Pioner’s birthday: «Toni Erdmann»

In honor of our seventh birthday (since the restart in 2009), Pioner Cinema will show Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann,” a sensation at the most recent Cannes Film Festival that has already been dubbed the year’s biggest new discovery. The film will be shown several months before its official Russian release.

A former music teacher, trickster, and dreamer, Winfried is desperate to mend his relationship with his adult daughter Ines, a perpetually-busy employee of a global corporation. Her father never sees her, hears from her, or even knows anything about her, and has started to joke that he has somebody to replace her. In order to get her attention, he passes himself off as an eccentric businessman, Toni Erdmann, and makes a surprise trip to Bucharest, where his daughter is working at another of her company’s offices. With his hilarious, scandalous escapades, Winfried stuns everyone around him into a shocked silence in his efforts to win a place in Ines’ heart, all the while dragging her into a reciprocal – and no less maddening – game.

“Toni Erdmann” is an outstanding comedy, a touching drama, an absolutely unusual love story, and the most accurate, perceptive film about fathers and their children in an age where personal and intergenerational connections are constantly breaking down. Based on a poll conducted among of members of the “Fipresci” international film critics’ association, the film was awarded this year’s Grand Prix.