Pioner Cinema » Premiere: «Not My Type»

On Tuesday, 26 April, Pioner will host the premiere of Lucas Belvaux’s romantic comedy, “Not My Type”. Before the screening, there will be a presentation of the book “French Cinema: A Sold-Out Century” by Joel Chapron and Priscilla Jessati, printed on special order by Pioner.

Reception and presentation – 20:30
Screening – 21:30

Clément, a young Parisian philosopher and writer, is sent to teach for a year in a remote village. At the beginning, the young urbanite misses the lights of the big city, but soon he makes friends with Jennifer, a pretty local hairstylist. He reads Dostoevsky and loves opera; she sings karaoke beautifully and watches all of Jennifer Aniston’s films. The two are connected by their mutual attraction alone. This single passion seems to be enough in order to keep them happy, but one day, while browsing through a bookshop, Jennifer finds Clément’s new book – about himself.

Two first-class French actors – Loïc Corbery and the star of “Rosetta,” Émilie Dequenne – play out their own “Pygmalion” en français. The film received two César nominations (for Best Actress and Best Adaptation). 

“French Cinema: A Sold-Out Century” is a new work by Joël Chapron and Priscilla Jessati, dedicated to the history of cinema’s development in France – the country which did not just create the technology of the cinema, but made a colossal investment in the development of film as a national, social, and urban phenomenon. The authors of the book are already well-known for their scholarly work, “Principles and Mechanisms of Financing in French Film” (2011), also printed on special order by Pioner.

The French model of the “film circuit” – that is, building cinemas and the required audience – appeared when cinematography itself had only appeared as a discipline, and has since served as a prime example for many countries. Cinema in France enjoys the support of the government, which takes the form of much more business-friendly regulatory conditions – and thanks to this, France remains the most “cinema-centric” and “well-watched” country in the world. Joël Chapron and Priscilla Jessati’s book analyses the many complex aspects of the French film circuit, and traces in detail its history, which is inseparably linked with the history of the cinema itself. The work contains numerous valuable facts and expert accounts which will undoubtedly be useful not only for representatives of the film industry, but for all lovers of the art of film. 

“French Cinema: A Sold-Out Century” continues Pioner’s publishing series about the structure and support of cinema in other countries. Besides research into the principles of French film financing, Pioner has printed such books as “The System of Financing and Support of Cinema in Poland after 2005” (Marcin Adamczyk, 2012) and “The Israeli Film Industry: The System and Its Specifics” (Marat Parkhomovsky, 2013).

“French Cinema: A Sold-Out Century” can be purchased in Pioner Bookstore.

The film will be shown in French with Russian subtitles. Running time: 111 min. From 5 May! 16+