Pioner Cinema » Singaporean Film at Pioner

Pioner Cinema and the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Russia, with the help of the Singapore Tourism Board, present Russia’s first Singaporean film festival.

Singaporean film is the hidden jewel of Southeast Asian cinema: a relatively new and actively developing field that has already established an identity, and presents an extremely interesting synthesis of the East and West, between globalism and orientalism.

The film industry in Singapore is still relatively young, and combines the influences of Indian, Malayan, Chinese, and Western cinema – a reflection of the multi-racial nature of Singaporean culture. It is specifically this variety that has propelled Singaporean filmmakers to continuous success all over the world. Some of the films presented in the festival have earned international awards, including “Ilo Ilo,” which received the Camera d’Or – the prize for best first feature film – at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

The festival will present five films representative of the breadth of Singapore, reflecting the complex collage and radical contrasts inherent to both Singaporean and all other world cultures after the rise of globalization – but none more emblematic than Singapore itself, a country that long ago became an image of the future.

Screening schedule:

15 June, 19:30 – “Ilo Ilo” (2013) Anthony Chen

22 June, 19:30 – “As You Were” (2014) Jiekai Liao

29 June, 19:30 – “881” (2014) Royston Tan

06 July, 19:30 – “Singapore GaGa” (2005) Tan Pin Pin

13 July, 19:30 – “12 Storeys” (1997) Eric Khoo

All films will be shown in the original language with Russian subtitles.