Pioner Cinema » Special screening: Mogul Mowgli

On 2 November at Pioner Cinema, there will be a special screening of “Mogul Mowgli,” which premiered at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival. This is a deeply personal story about family and identity, creativity and responsibility, co-written by actor and rapper Riz Ahmed. After the screening, Yegor Sennikov, Director of Special Projects at Pioner, and Sam, host at the hip-hop radio station STUDIO21, will discuss the film with director Bassam Tariq and the audience.

New York rapper Zed’s career has finally taken off, and on the eve of a long-awaited tour, he heads to his native London to visit his Pakistani family. As luck would have it, there he is overtaken by a strange autoimmune disease that causes severe hallucinations and threatens the musician’s career. Zed has no choice but to turn this unfair struggle into creativity.