Pioner Cinema » Special screening of the film «Kletka ishet ptitsu» and discussion with director Malika Musayeva

On October 9, the Pioneer cinema will host a pre-screening of the film «Kletka ishet ptitsu» directed by Malika Musayeva, a graduate of the Caucasian workshop of Alexander Sokurov. After the screening, Malika will discuss the movie with the audience in the Q&A format online via video link.

The world premiere of the film «Kletka ishet ptitsu» took place at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2023. In Pioneer, the picture opens the cinema festival «Finally in the Cinema» of the most anticipated premieres of the year, retrospectives and restorations.

«Kletka ishet ptitsu» tells the story of a young girl, Yakha, who lives in a small town and spends days with her friend Madina. Girls dream of leaving their native places after graduation and going to the big world to live the life they choose for themselves. The picture is a collage of stories of several women’s destinies, in which each tries to defend her right to choose the future path.

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