Pioner Cinema » Special screening: The Conformist (Il conformista)

In the memory of Bernardo Bertolucci, Pioner Cinema presents a special screening of his film “The Conformist” (Il conformista) – the first where the great director’s cinematic voice could be clearly heard.

Marcello Clerici spent his life pretending to be a normal, reliable person. The desire to adapt and be like everyone else ultimately destroys his personality and turns him into a traitor and a murderer.

“The Conformist” (Il conformista) is a multi-layered study of the nature of fascism and, more broadly, the nature of a human who tries to blend in with the majority, not stick out, accept the way of things, and finally adapt to the ideological fashion of the time – even the most horrible. Bertolucci associates government violence with sexual violence, showing totalitarianism as an inescapable psychological trauma of European society. The film hit screens in 1970 and had a shocking effect with both the uncompromising boldness of its content and the perfection of its form. The great cameraman Vittorio Storaro, using previously-unseen angles and forms, fixed the dangerous attractiveness of fascism on screen, which poisons weak souls and suppresses the freedom of will.