Pioner Cinema » Special screenings for the Victory Day

On the Victory Day, Pioner Open Air at Gorky Park and Pioner Cinema at Kutuzovsky will presents special screenings of military films. The program includes two classical movies – “Son of the Regiment” and “Father of a Soldier”, as well as the little-known documentary by Marlen Khutsiev “People of 1941.”

Entrance to the screenings is free. Tickets will be available at the box office an hour before the screening.

9 May, 15.50 — “Son of the Regiment” (Pioner at Kutuzovsky)
9 May, 21.30 — “Father of a Soldier” (Pioner Open Air at Gorky Park)
10 May, 15.20 — “People of 1941” (Pioner at Kutuzovsky)

About the films:

“Father of a Soldier” (black & white)
1965, 92 min.
Director: Rezo Chkheidze
Cast: Sergo Zakariadze, Vladimir Privaltsev, Aleksandr Nazarov, Aleksandr Lebedev, Qetevan Bochorishvili, Ivan Kosykh, Pyotr Lyubeshkin, Gizhuri Kobakhidze, Viktor Uralskiy, Vladimir Pitsek, Yelena Maksimova
The film shows the unnaturalness of war for a working, creating man, by telling us the story of a wine-grower from Georgia. Giorgi Makharashvili is going to visit his son, who is lying wounded at a hospital. But when the father gets there, he finds out that his son has already returned to the front lines. However, Giorgi can’t get back to his native village, and he accompanies the Soviet Army all the way to Berlin and to the final victory over fascism.

“Son of the Regiment”
1946, 79 min.
Director: Vasili Pronin
Cast: Yuri Yankin, Aleksandr Morozov, Pavel Volkov, Nikolai Parfyonov, Grigori Pluzhnik, etc.
During the war, our soldiers adopt an orphan boy Vanya. He refuses to go to the rear, becomes a scout and then stays with the battery. When German tanks overrun the Soviet defense and the battery team perishes, Vanya is sent to the Suvorov Military School, the students of which participate in the military parade at the Red Square.

“People of 1941”
2001, 53 min.
Director: Marlen Khutsiev
Producers: Roman Dikhtyar, Daniyar Gaynulin
A documentary film. Summer of 1941. Last days of peaceful life. Moscow. The city lives and doesn’t know that the disaster is on its way. The shortest night of the year – from 21 to 22 June. Sunday comes. The sun rises. Silence. The sounds of waltz are coming from somewhere. Happy young voices, airy laughter. And the sounds of waltz once again – the waltz of the last school evening. School-leavers of 1941 walk the streets. It’s 4 a.m… The war began. Yesterday’s schoolchildren don’t know that their fate has already been determined…