On 26 October, Pioner Cinema will host a special screening of Klim Shipenko’s “Text” (Tekst), based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The book was adapted by the author himself.

After the screening, Pioner Talks will host a discussion with public program curator Sergey Sdobnov and Dmitry Glukhovsky about how to film a movie that turns out political, how to turn a book into a script without losing anything in the process, and how the language of cinema influenced what he wanted to say to the world.

The screening will take place on 26 October at 14:30. Choose your showtime carefully!

Ilya Goryunov served seven years in prison based on a false accusation. When he gets out, he understands that nothing is left of his previous life. He meets with Pyotr, the very same police officer who put him behind bars — not to get revenge, but simply to look him in the eye. However, as a result of pure chance, Ilya doesn’t take his enemy’s physical life, but his digital one: he winds up with the officer’s phone, and with it, all of his problems, fears, love, and his dark and dangerous affairs. For a week, Ilya becomes Pyotr, and the secrets of others drag him past the point of no return.