Pioner Cinema » The ART Newspaper Russia FILM FESTIVAL 2018

The ART Newspaper Russia presents their second annual festival of films about art, The ART Newspaper Russia FILM FESTIVAL, including 9 films from the concourse programs of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, along with films from Sundance and Tribeca.

Pioner will screen “Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World” and “Mapplethorpe.”

Monday, 17 September
19:30, “Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World”
Sunday, 23 September
16:00, “Mapplethorpe”

“Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World”
What happens when we know how much a work of art costs? Does the price of “Black Square” inspire increased interest, respect, or cognitive dissonance? Let’s say that the classics are always a reliable investment that we can look at through the lens of historical distance, but does a collector of contemporary art know what to spend their millions on? The director takes audiences around galleries, museums, exhibits, and auction houses from London to New York and from Basel and Miami to Los Angeles.
The leading players – artists, collectors, and gallerists – try to explain the rules of the game on the contemporary art market. They sometimes do so in jest, other times seriously, but always with a total understanding that no single rational explanation can be considered exhaustive, because in questions of pricing, there’s always a place for magic. It’s no accident that the god of commerce, Hermes, was also the patron of alchemists.

Regardless of the fact that Robert Mapplethorpe was a star photographer and a hero of the New York art world, this is the first feature film dedicated to him. Director Ondi Timoner is famous for her documentary work, and is a two-time winner of the directing award at Sundance. This is her feature film debut, and a new work experience: if in documentaries, the screenplay is created in parallel with the filming process, feature films force a director to write ahead of time. The legendary photographer is played by cult classic Matt Smith, famous for playing the Eleventh Doctor in “Doctor Who,” and this fact alone should pique the public’s interest in the film. As he worked on the role, Smith carefully studied Mapplethorpe’s work. “I got very interested in the photography particularly, and seeing people through a lens, seeing the world through a filter, Robert Mapplethorpe’s kind of filter.” The premiere took place in New York at the Tribeca Film Festival in April of this year, where it won the audience award.