Pioner Cinema » The Young Pope. Premiere screening

On 30 November at 21:30, the day before its official Russian premiere, Amediateka and Pioner Cinema will show two episodes of one of the year’s hottest new series, “The Young Pope” – a stunning, provocative “alternative history” about the first American pope to take the throne, and the youngest pope in the history of the Vatican. “The Young Pope” was conceived and shot by the most successful Italian director today, Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino (“The Great Beauty,” “Youth”).

Reception at 21:00. Screening at 21:30.

As for the plot, the main character (brilliantly played by Jude Law) is the newly-appointed head of the Catholic Church, Pope Pius XIII, né Lenny Belardo. The post was awarded to him through the machinations of influential cardinals, who elected a young American of Italian origin with no connections whatsoever in the hopes of manipulating him in their interests. But from the first hours of the new pontiff’s reign, their hopes are dashed. Belardo is an eccentric, contradictory, and unpredictable person. He’s either a player or a saint. What the cardinals are now thinking is understandable, but what’s on the mind of the megalomania-gripped candide – not so much.

It’s worth noting the interesting performances of Woody Allen’s muse Diane Keaten, who plays Belardo’s mentor, Sister Maria, and TV star James Cromwell as Lenny’s rival for the throne, Cardinal Michael Spencer.

Besides the powerful intrigue, the series is notable for its depiction of the everyday life of the Vatican and its inhabitants, with its exotic rituals – recreated to the most minute details, according to those in the know.

In purchasing a ticket to the premiere, audiences will receive a free month’s subscription to Amediateka’s online service and continue to watch the series, whose entire first season will appear on the service from 1 December, in both professionally dubbed and subtitled versions. And in January, the series will be available on the AMEDIA Premium channel.