Pioner Cinema » 7 Wild Stories
  • Short film
  • |
  • 2013-2016
  • |
  • 93 min.
  • |
  • Puerto Rico, USA, France
  • director: Marianna and Joserro Emmanuelli, Yacine Sersar, Jay Rondot, Max Baker, Gianguido Spinelli, John Bryant, Julien Hallard
  • cast:
  • language: In the original with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 18+

If you want to tempt fate, tell her about your plans. Chance intrudes into the life of each character in this diverse assortment of dark comedies, and their orderly lives tumble out of control. Nobody has a backup plan in case of the unexpected, and from the cocaine dealer to the traveling salesman, from thieves in love to bored housewives, and from Jim Morrison’s twin to straight-laced French bourgeoisie – everyone is equal in the eyes of chance. An almanac of new short dark comedies from Utopia Shorts, including seven stories from American, French, and Puerto Rican directors.

“Til Jail Do Us Part” / Hasta que la celda nos separе (Marianna and Joserro Emmanuelli, Puerto Rico, 2015; 3’)

Puerto Rico’s whole police force is out to catch Joseph and Liza: the new Bonnie and Clyde, and public enemies number one. And what are the gangsters up to? Halfway to Belgium? No way – they’re holed up in an apartment with a kidnapped priest. The thing is, Joseph and Liza are head-over-heels in love with each other, and before they flee the country, they want to get married. Only the priest they snatched is a little too strict, and refuses to recite the marriage vows without witnesses. Oh well – time to take more prisoners…

“The Line” / La queue (Yacine Sersar, France, 2013; 10’)

“Would you let me go ahead? I’ve only got one item.” Of course, Jean-Paul Rouve’s gallant character doesn’t mind: he’s in no hurry, so why not let the nice lady through? But everyone behind him in line at the supermarket is of another mind. And from this ill-advised gentlemanly gesture forward, our hero’s life turns into a living hell.

“Barry” (Jay Rondot, USA, 2016; 9’)

Barry is a charming mustachioed family man, dressed practically like a dandy in his trademark bowtie. Barry has a tiny business: he sells cocaine out of his home, at low prices, to a small circle of repeat customers, and without any advertising. But everything takes a drastic turn when Barry decides to expand his operation with the help of Facebook…

"Best Wishes from Millwood" (Max Baker, 2016; 12’)

Evelyn is a housewife who spends her days in suburban bliss – though a person could lose her from all of the peace and quiet. When a charming girl in a retro-futuristic costume brings her a “cosmo-cookie,” capable of granting her every wish, Evelyn forgets to be careful with her wishes, and asks for two things: a fur coat, and…her husband’s death. Can these new Stepford wives save the unlucky man?

“On the Run” / En bout de course (Gianguido Spinelli, France, 2014; 12’)

The wife is on a business trip, and the husband is… You guessed it, in bed with a prostitute in a hotel room, but always ready for his wife to call and check in on him. But on this Parisian morning, the usual scenario goes awry… An adulterous comedy with a race across rough terrain, a parody of Antonioni’s “Blow-Up,” and a tiny dog having an awful day. An irreverent (and very French) kaleidoscope of coincidences and gags.

“The Samaritans” (John Bryant, USA, 2015; 13’)

A successful contract is not enough to cheer you up when you’re racing along a desert road and suddenly, a wild animal runs into the road. A blink of an eye, and you're no longer a satisfied traveling salesman, but a victim of an automobile accident and suffering from severe loss of blood. Through the broken glass is nothing but wilderness, no cell service, and a hospital at least several dozen kilometers away. But – heavens above! – a pair of good Christians are nearby. A stroke of luck, or the total opposite?…

«People are Strange” (Julien Hallard, France, 2014; 20’)

He is a clone (or very, very close to it) of Jim Morrison, who take tourists on tours to the grave of the “Lizard King” and who even allows photos with him for a reasonable sum. But his brother Aldo, who works in the very same cemetery as a security guard, comes to him with bad news: Morrison’s parents have decided to repatriate their son’s remains to America. In order to foil this, Julien is ready to go to extremes…


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