Pioner Cinema » A Day of Animation by Leonid Shmelkov
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  • 60 min.
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  • Russia
  • director: Leonid Shmelkov
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  • language: Russian
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On Sunday, 3 February, the Pioner Kids lecture will be joined by young artist and animator Lyonya Shmelkov, who will show several of his animated films (“Dog Park” / Sobachya ploshchadka, “Hopfrog” / Pryg-skok, “Very Lonely Cock” / Ochen odinkiy petukh, “Grushepad,” “Vezukha,” and “Lola the Living Potato” / Lola zhivaya kartoshka). He won’t just show them — he’ll tell us about each one, from the first idea to the challenges of production, as well as share some of his plans for the future.

After the screening and a break for cocoa and cookies, we’ll move to the balcony of Pioner bookstore, where our meeting with the artist will continue. There, we can watch and discuss the first episode of his new show, and also take a look at the puzzles and draw in Lyonya’s children’s workbooks, “YBA! More“ and “YBA! Chelovek.”


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