Pioner Cinema » A Kind of Murder
  • Thriller
  • |
  • 2016
  • |
  • 95 min.
  • |
  • USA
  • director: Andy Goddard
  • cast: Imogen Poots, Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson, Toby Jones, Haley Bennett, Vincent Kartheiser, Eddie Marsan, Radek Lord, Lucas Bentley, Lon Nease
  • language: English audio with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 18+

New York, the 1960s. Walter and Clara Stackhouse are by all appearances an ideal couple: he is a successful architect, she is a thriving realtor and the owner of a wonderful house. In fact, Walter has long been considering a divorce, because Clara has tortured him with her pretension, hysterics, and jealousy. One day, Walter open the evening paper to an article about a serial killer, among whose victims are dozens of missing women. He begins to develop an interest in the unsolved murders, and quickly gets wrapped up in a dangerous game…

The film is based on a book by Patricia Highsmith, famous for her noir novels (the first of which, Strangers on a Train,” was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock) and the Tom Ripley books.


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