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On 24 April, Pioner will host a retrospective on the work of Aleksandr Petrov, a director, animator, and winner both of festival prizes in Berlin and Annecy and of an Oscar for "The Old Man and the Sea" (1999).

Reception at 20:30. Screening at 21:00. The creator will personally present his works at Pioner.

As part of the retrospective, Petrov's short films "The Cow" (1989), "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" (1992), "Mermaid" (1997), "The Old Man and the Sea" (1999), and "My Love" (2006) will be shown. Aleksandr Petrov will personally present his works at Pioner.

A graduate of Soviet animation great Ivanov-Vano's workshop at VGIK and student of both Fedor Khitruk and Yuri Norshteyn, Aleksandr Petrov made his directorial debut in 1989. His screen adaptation of Andrey Platonov's story "The Cow / Korova" earned Petrov attention, instantly creating his reputation as a visionary artist. Much like another master of high-concept experimentation, Aleksandr Sokurov, Petrov continued his search for self-expression by developing a completely manual technique of "living painting."

Immediately following "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" (based on Dostoevsky's story of the same name) and the Karamazov-inspired "Mermaid," Petrov accepted an offer to make his first international film, based on Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" (1999). Petrov's third Oscar nomination earned him his first victory, and his name immediately became widely-known in Russia.

Drawn to Russian folk and classical culture, Petrov "returned" to his native language with his screen adaptation of Ivan Shmelev's "The Story of a Love." In retroactively restoring the golden age of Moscow merchants, Aleksandr Petrov created a tender, complex portrait of a school-age member of the intelligentsia on the verge of adulthood - just as fragile as an oil painting on glass.


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