Pioner Cinema » Ask the Dead about the Price of Death
  • Drama
  • |
  • 1977
  • |
  • 76 min.
  • |
  • USSR
  • director: Kaljo Kiisk
  • cast: Juozas Kiselius, Gediminas Girdvainis, Maria Klenskaja, Elle Kull, Enn Kraam, Paul Laasik, Kalju Komissarov, Mikk Mikiver, Mari Lill, Rudolf Allabert
  • language: Russian and Estonian
  • restrictions:

Pioner Cinema and Kommersant Weekend present "The History of Russian Cinema in 50 Films," dedicated to the Year of Russian Film. The curator will be film critic and Weekend author Mikhail Trofimenkov.

Estonian revolutionary film

Estonian revolutionary Anton Sommer has found himself among the leaders of the 1924 Communist uprising in Estonia. After the uprising was suppressed, Sommer ends up in jail, where he is offered a choice: to die or to become a collaborator. Sommer dies, unable to turn away from his ideals.

“The real shame is that the blood of both heroes and betrayers cannot rid this world of senselessness. Kiisk depicts this banal, tasteless world moodily and with evil overtones, made up of many shades of grey – and the revolution, however it tries to escape from this world, is doomed to remain a part of it, with all the attendant consequences.” - Mikhail Trofimenkov

Admission to the screening is free with advance registration. The film will be shown from the 35mm original. The film will be introduced by film scholar Denis Gorelov.



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