Pioner Cinema » Broken Shoes
  • Drama
  • |
  • 1933
  • |
  • 85 min.
  • |
  • USSR
  • director: Margarita Barskaya
  • cast: Mikhail Klimov, Klavdiya Polovikova, Vera Alekhina, Natalya Sadovskaya, Ivan Novoseltsev
  • language: Russian
  • restrictions:

Pioner Cinema and Kommersant–Weekend present “History of Russian Cinema in 50 Films,” dedicated to the Year of Russian Cinema. The curator will be film critic and Weekend author Mikhail Trofimenkov.

In an unnamed western country – which can easily be identified with Germany – the children of workers in blue-collar regions appeal to Communists in order to help their families, organize a revolt in their school, and finally participate in a political demonstration alongside adults.

“She was one in a million. Before Barskaya, there was no such thing as children’s cinema: not a mere film adaptation of some fairy tales, but original work, with roles played by children and for children, who didn’t try to appeal to adults with “grown-up behavior” but remained their own selves on the screen. Barskaya created children’s cinema all by herself.” Mikhail Trofimenkov.

Admission to the screening is free with advance registration. The film will be shown from the 35mm original. Before the screening, film scholar Eugene Margolit will give an introduction.


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