Pioner Cinema » Cats and Peachtopia
  • Animation
  • |
  • 2018
  • |
  • 85 min.
  • |
  • China
  • director: Gary Wang
  • cast:
  • language: Russian
  • restrictions: 6+

On 16 September, the Pioner Kids lecture series presents an animated film, “Cats and Peachtopia,” from Chinese animator Gary Wang.

Blanket, a large and fluffy cat, is used to enjoying his calm and contented life in a warm, comfy apartment. But his son, a tabby named Cloak, is nothing like that. He dreams of adventures and traveling. One day, he actually builds a flying machine and pulls off a real escape! Now his loving dad and his friend, a female Macaw, has to go out all on his own on a path full of danger and surprises to bring Cloak home.

The film will be presented by animal psychologist, teacher, felinologist, and consultant to the “Kotiki i lyudi” cat cafe Yulia Sokolova, who will tell audiences about cats, their habits and and manners, and how to make friends with them so well that they’ll never run away from you.

After the screening, children can enjoy a treat from Cafe Pion and a lesson with a teacher from the TsEKh School of Contemporary Dance.

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