Pioner Cinema » City Lights
  • Comedy, melodrama
  • |
  • 1931
  • |
  • 87 min.
  • |
  • United States
  • director: Charles Chaplin
  • cast: Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Harry Myers, Jack Alexander, Al Ernest Garcia, Hank Mann
  • language:
  • restrictions: 6+

The little masterpieces of Charlie Chaplin are coming back to the big screen. All films will be screened with the original soundtrack and Russian subtitles.

“City Lights” is Chaplin’s last silent film, which was shot during the years of the Great Depression and gave audiences the chance to believe in a happy fairy tale. As he traipses around the streets of the big city, the Tramp meets a blind flower girl. He buys a flower with the last of his money, but the girl takes him to be a rich man. When he finds out that an expensive operation could return her sight, the Tramp sets off in search of money, winding up in funny, awkward, and sometimes even tragicomic situations.


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