Pioner Cinema » Congestion
  • Agitpropfilm
  • |
  • 1918
  • |
  • 56 min.
  • |
  • director: Aleksandr Panteleev, Nikolai Pashkovsky, Anatoly Dolinov
  • cast: Ivan Lerskiy–Dalin, Dmitry Leschenko, Anatoly Lunacharsky
  • language: Silent film
  • restrictions: 16+

Pioner Cinema and Kommersant Weekend present the programme “History of Russian Cinema in 50 Films”

Screening at 21:30

The first Soviet feature film, and the first film about the reformed Tsarist intelligentsia. During the process of congestion, a metalworker and his daughter move into a professor’s apartment. The results of this juxtaposition of professorial and proletarian families are a love story, an arrest, and a new teaching job for the aged scholar, on the battlefields of popular education.
“The first Soviet film intuitively gave birth to an incredibly important Soviet archetype. The old professor, in defiance of class intertia and the malice of his close friends, took on a new power — he is just as much a hero of social realism, like a labourer sent to work at the Cheka, or a Baltic sailor storming the Winter Palace.” (Mikhail Trofimenkov)

The film will be projected in the 35mm print. Entrance is free with advance registration.


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