Pioner Cinema » Crawl
  • Horror
  • |
  • 2019
  • |
  • 87 min.
  • |
  • USA
  • director: Alexandre Aja
  • cast: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Morfydd Clark, Ross Anderson, Jose Palma
  • language: English with Russian subtitles at Pioner on Kutuzovsky. Dubbed version at Summer Pioner in Gorky Park
  • restrictions: 18+

Dubbed version at Pioner Open Air in Gorky Park

A powerful hurricane is moving toward Florida, and champion swimmer Haley gets bad news from her sister: their father, who lives on the evacuation path, is out of contact. Ignoring evacuation orders, the girls gets to her father’s house and finds her father, serious injured in the flooded basement: he was attacked by a giant alligator. The surroundings are being flooded by rains, and Haley and her father find themselves in a trap as they hide from the horrible monster in places where it can’t reach — of which there are fewer and fewer by the minute. However, they find out soon that he is not alone. Who will be faster: the people, the storm, or the horrible creations of the Florida swamps?  


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