Pioner Cinema » Fifty Shades Darker
  • Драма
  • |
  • 2017
  • |
  • 115 мин.
  • |
  • США
  • director: Джеймс Фоули
  • cast: Дакота Джонсон, Джейми Дорнан, Белла Хиткот, Тайлер Хехлин
  • language: На английском языке с русскими субтитрами
  • restrictions: 18+

Frightened by Christian Grey’s secrets and internal demons, Anastasia Steele decides to break up with him, and soon thereafter finds a job at a small publishing house in Seattle. But his desires still have power over her. Christian is ready to reconsider the rules of engagement and reveal all his secrets. When it finally appears that everything is going perfectly, Anastasia struggles with the rage and envy of the women who had been with Christian before her.

A sequel to the original erotic thriller, based on E.L. James’ novels. James Foley (“House of Cards,” “Twin Peaks”) directs, and the screenplay was developed by Niall Leonard – E.L. James’ husband.


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