Pioner Cinema » Gringo
  • Action, comedy
  • |
  • 2018
  • |
  • 111 min.
  • |
  • USA
  • director: Nash Edgerton
  • cast: Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Sharito Copley, Amanda Seyfried, David Oyelowo
  • language: English with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 18+

A modest American office worker in a pharmaceutical company, Harold, discovers a unique formula that the whole world is hungry for, and decides to use this information for his own benefit. He fakes his own kidnapping and demands ransom from the company. His reckless boss (Charlize Theron), who is ready for anything in the name of the company, gets mixed up in the game. At the end of the day, Harold ends up in the middle of a crazy shootout in Mexico, and instead of a pretty chunk of change, he is faced with a desperate fight for his own survival.

A criminal action-comedy from Palme d’Or nominee Nash Edgerton (“Spider”).


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