Pioner Cinema » Laughter and Grief by the White Sea
  • Animation
  • |
  • 1988
  • |
  • 55 min.
  • |
  • USSR
  • director: Leonid Nosyrev
  • cast: Evgeny Leonov (narrator’s voice)
  • language: Russian
  • restrictions: 6+

A special screening in honor of the 80th birthday jubilee for Leonid Viktorovich Nosyrev, one of the great figures in Russian animation. On 26 February, the legendary mind behind “Antoshka” will visit Children’s Pioner and personally present “Laughter and Grief at the White Sea,” a northern tale based on the works of Arkhangelsk writers and folklorists.

Laughter and Grief at the White Sea” is a collection of short cartoons from the 1980s, made with classic drawn animation techniques, and connected by their setting and the character of the narrator. Whether joyful, educational, or tragic, all the stories told by Grandpa Senya, the old oilman, are deeply connected to Russia’s north. It is on the shores of the Northern Dvina, which empties out into the White Sea, that a wooden hut is turned overnight into the Tsar’s chambers, just as Poor Ivan wished, and a whole tree grows from an orange dropped into the water. Here lives the wayward Sawess; here, everyone sails on Eternal Icebergs and sings Frozen Songs. This adaptation of Boris Shergin and Stepan Pisakhov’s Arkahgelsk tales introduced young audiences to the sacred region, imbued with the traditions of the Pomor and Free Novgorod peoples.

One of the many contemporaries of Soyuzmultfilm, which also celebrated a jubilee last year, Leonid Nosyrev is one of its most eminent artists. Having begun his career as an animator on Fedor Khitruk’s first animated films, he became a director with his debut release “The Happy Carousel” (Veselaya karusel). Nosyrev’s short cartoons were included in several editions of the animation journal, after having quickly become audience favorites. From the simple story of a freckled slacker in “Antoshka,” the director gradually transitioned to the fairy tales of the Russian north, which turned out to be unbelievably well-suited to his talents.

The film will be shown from the 35mm original.

After a break for cocoa and cookies, a teacher from the TsEKh School of Contemporary Dance will work with the children.



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