Pioner Cinema » Lenin in Poland
  • History
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  • 1965
  • |
  • 98 min.
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  • USSR
  • director: Sergey Yutkevich
  • cast: Maksim Strauch, Anna Lisyanskaya, Antonina Pavlycheva, Ilona Kusmerskaya, Edmund Fetting, Krzysztof Kalczynski, Vladimir Asimov, Ludwik Benoit, Tadeusz Fijewski, Henryk Hunko, Nikolai Kashirskiy, Gustaw Lutkiewicz, Vladimir Monakhov, Andrey Petrov
  • language: Russian
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Pioner Cinema and Kommersant–Weekend present “History of Russian Cinema in 50 Films,” dedicated to the Year of Russian Cinema. The curator will be film critic and Weekend author Mikhail Trofimenkov.

The film is based on a historical event: Lenin’s short stay in the Krakow prison, where he turned up in August 1914. It centers around a period of forced inactivity in a jail cell, accompanied by the main character’s internal monologue. At the 1966 Cannes Film Festival, the film received the Best Director prize.

“Having personally created the Leninist film canon, Yutkevich treated his on-screen Lenin like his own property, with which he could do whatever he wanted. … He coolly explained: Lenin was a great innovator – and a Leninist theme demands an innovative form. The most important thing about Lenin was the movement of his thoughts: “In our film, we began from the dialectic of Leninist thought.” Lenin must be subjected to a Brechtian defamiliarization, after discarding everything that we thought we knew about him.” Mikhail Trofimenkov.

Admission to the screening is free with advance registration. The film will be shown from the 35mm original. Before the screening, film critic Denis Gorelov will give an introduction.


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