Pioner Cinema » Love, Antosha
  • Documentary, biography
  • |
  • 2019
  • |
  • 92 min.
  • |
  • United States
  • director: Garret Price
  • cast: Anton Yelchin, Irina and Viktor Yelchin, J.J. Abrams, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Chastain, Sodia Boutella, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, John Cho, Chris Pine, Jodie Foster, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Anya Taylor-Joy
  • language: English with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 18+

The story of the tragically short life of actor Anton Yelchin, who died as a result of an unfortunate accident in 2016. Anton was born in the Soviet Union to a family of professional figure skaters and was just half a year old when his parents brought him to the United States. He became an actor at age nine. He was distinguished not just by his remarkable talent, but also by his sincere interest in and love for art and people, as well as his curiosity and bravery in discovering his dark side. Anton after in films, made music, sang, took pictures, and even had time to become a director and shoot his first film. He was unsatisfiable and tried to live life to the fullest, as though he knew that he would never have to grow old.


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