Pioner Cinema » Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu)
  • Drama
  • |
  • 2019
  • |
  • 119 min.
  • |
  • France
  • director: Celine Sciamma
  • cast: Noemie Meriant, Adele Haenel, Luana Bajrami, Valerina Golino, Christel Baras
  • language: French with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 18+

France, 1770. Marianne is a young artist who is commissioned to paint a portrait of Heloise, a rich heiress from Briittany. The portrait is a wedding gift for the groom that her parents have chosen for her, and Heloise refuses to pose. Marianne arrives at their estate as chaperone in order to take Heloise for long walks along the seashore by day and draw her in secret at night. But the more time the girls spend together, the more their mutual attraction grows. The portrait becomes an act of liberation and witness to their love, doomed to fade quickly from the face of the earth but remain forever in their hearts. The film won best screenplay at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.


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