Pioner Cinema » Princes and Princesses
  • Shadow animation
  • |
  • 2000
  • |
  • 70 min.
  • |
  • France
  • director: Michel Ocelot
  • cast:
  • language: Dubbed (Russian)
  • restrictions: 0+

Part of the “European Animation” series in the “Children’s Pioner” lecture series. Film critic Anton Dolin will tell about the French director Michel Ocelot, whose magical debut “Kiriku and the Sorceress” was shown at Pioner not long ago.

“Princes and Princesses” is a collection of six fantasies on a single theme. A pair of children, a girl and a boy, take turns playing short scenes from the lives of different cultures and times: the chivalric Middle Ages give way to 18th century Japan, which in turns changes into Ancient Egypt. 3D printing allowed the animators to “clothe” the characters, which instantaneously come to life in a new form. And the industrial “kitchen,” which the director carefully incorporated into the film's action, becomes a textbook demonstration of how an animated film is created.

The success of his debut film allowed French experimental artist and folklorist Michel Ocelot to become one of the most famous and beloved animators in all of Europe. His films are distinguished by their simple forms and visual imagination, emotional sincerity, and subtle sense of humor. And the use of a "primitive" form of animation (shadow theatre) turns “Princes and Princesses” into a magical journey: back to the future!

After the screening, a teacher from the TsEKh School of Contemporary Dance, Aleksandra Rudik, will hold a class for children.

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