Pioner Cinema » Prokofiev: On the Way
  • Documentary
  • |
  • 2015
  • |
  • 90 min.
  • |
  • Russia
  • director: Anna Matison
  • cast: Valery Gergiev, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Denis Matsuyev
  • language: Russian
  • restrictions: 12+

A young man named Mark (Konstantin Khabenskiy) wants to buy Sergey Prokofiev’s dacha. He arrives there and, while waiting for the owner, begins to read the composer’s diaries. Prokofiev himself appears in the room (also played by Khabenskiy). He tells about the events of his life – trips around the country and the world, his meeting with Shostakovich, his friendship with Maximilian Schmidthof.

The film was shot during the Moscow Easter Festival, during which all of Sergey Prokofiev’s symphonies and piano concerti were played. The documentary part of the film consists of scenes from tours and concerts by Valery Gergiev’s orchestra. Prokofiev’s notes tell the story of a 26-year period of endless concerts, travels, meetings – and Anna Matison shows the life of a contemporary musician. As the director herself said: “the life of a musician is life on the road.”


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