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On 30 September, the Pioner Kids lecture series will present three animated films from the Russo-British series, “Shakespeare: Animated Stories” (Shekspir. Animatsionnye istorii). The films will be presented by film scholar Ekaterina Didenko.

These screen adaptations of the great playwright’s plays were created in the beginning of the 1990s by Russian studios Christmas Films and Soyuzmultfilm, under the patronage of Prince Charles. Outstanding Russian master animators took part in the project, including Robert Saakyants, Efim Gamburg, Alexey Karaev, Nikolai Serebryakov, Aida Zyablikova, and others. Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies were adapted by famous British writer Leon Garfield.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” dir. Robert Saakyants

The action of this spellbinding comedy takes place in an enchanted wood near Athens, inhabited by spirits, elves, and other magical creatures. Here, the beautiful Queen Titania rules, and the feelings of lovestruck couples – Lysander and Hermia, along with Demetrius and Helena – are put to the test. A thrilling mix of fun and magic, brought to the screen by the unmistakeable hand of Robert Saakyants.

“Romeo and Juliet,” dir. Efim Gamburg

The two greatest families of Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets, have long harbored a deadly hatred for each other, but their two youngest members, Romeo and Juliet, experience love at first sight, doomed by fate itself to certain death. Efim Gamburg drew his version of the story, sadder than any other on earth, in the classical style of Italian commedia dell’arte.

“As You Like It,” dir. Alexey Karaev

One of Shakespeare’s early comedies, full of mistakes, costume changes, and happy accidents. The duke’s nephew, Roslind, by twist of fate falls in love with a young aristocrat, Orlando, against whom the whole court is plotting. Before attaining happiness, the protagonists have to go through more than a few trials. Alexey Karaev’s delicate drawings add magic to this story of love, devotion, and endurance against all odds.

After the screening, children can enjoy a treat from Cafe Pion and a lesson with a teacher from the TsEKh School of Contemporary Dance.

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