Pioner Cinema » Stories of the Forest People
  • Animation
  • |
  • 1970
  • |
  • 45 min.
  • |
  • Czechoslovakia
  • director: Zdenek Smetana
  • cast:
  • language: Russian (Dubbed)
  • restrictions: 0+

Pioner Kids, along with the Czech Cultural Centre, continues to introduce its audiences to classic Czech animated series. On 15 October, we will show the second episode of “Stories of the Forest People,” otherwise known as “Кржеме́лик и Ва́хмурка / Křemílek a Vochomůrka” (1970). The programme curator of the Czech Cultural Center, Natalia Yaitskaya, will tell about the show and its creators, writer Václav Čtvrtek and director Zdenek Smetana.

The harmless and charming Křemílek and Vochomůrka, are living, as is their wont, a quiet little forest life, full of comical situations, trials, and chance encounters. Two little black-and-white people in a colorful world full of music became true symbols of childhood in Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. And director Zdenek Smetana (1925-2016) became one of the most famous Eastern European animators.

After the screening, children will have a treat from Cafe Pion and a lesson with a teacher from the TsEKh contemporary dance school.


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