Pioner Cinema » The Bookshop
  • Drama
  • |
  • 2017
  • |
  • 113 min.
  • |
  • United Kingdom, Spain, German
  • director: Isabel Coixet
  • cast: Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, Patricia Clarkson, James Lance, Reg Wilson, Michael Fitzgerald, Hunter Tremayne, Honor Kneafsey
  • language: English with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 12+

Florence (Emily Mortimer) opens a bookstore in a tiny seaside town, but soon discovers soon discovers that the dreams of its inhabitants have truly given birth to monsters. Her kind, sweet neighbors are by no means ready to welcome the appearance of “Lolita” or “Fahrenheit-451” in the shop’s windows.

The confrontation between a crusader for literature and the masses in this film is assembled from the hilarious details of the lives of everyday Britons. Their lawns are perfectly trimmed, the ladies and gentlemen are extraordinarily polite, but over evening tea, these charming people are capable of inventing and carrying out the most devious plans. The widower Mr. Brundish (Bill Nighy) comes to the aid of this quiet conquerer of local close-mindedness, who has in his own way grown tired of the stuffy atmosphere in Hardborough.


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