Pioner Cinema » The Commune
  • Tragicomedy
  • |
  • 2016
  • |
  • 111 min.
  • |
  • Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands
  • director: Thomas Vinterberg
  • cast: Trine Dyrholm, Ulrich Thomsen, Fares Fares, Julie Agnete Vang, Ole Dupont
  • language: Danish audio with Russian subtitles
  • restrictions: 16+

In an enormous villa situated in a fashionable area of Copenhagen, Erik and his wife, Anna, fulfill their longtime dream of creating a commune, full of like-minded people ready to live under one roof. Common interests, conversations, parties, and general euphoria combine to produce a feeling of absolute unity. That is, until Erik brings his new lover to the house...
This new work by the celebrated Danish director Thomas Vinterberg ("The Celebration") is a brilliantly-acted drama about the creation of personal and social utopia – and its inevitable failure. The film participated in the concourse of the most recent Berlin Film Festival, where actress Trine Dyrholm won Best Actress.


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