Pioner Cinema » The Infiltrator
  • Thriller, drama
  • |
  • 2016
  • |
  • 127 min.
  • |
  • USA
  • director: Brad Furman
  • cast: Bryan Cranston, Leanne Best, Daniel Mays, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
  • language: English with Russian subtitles at Pioner on Kutuzovsky; Russian dubbed version at Summer Pioner in Sokolniki Park
  • restrictions: 18+

Florida, the 1980s. Robert Mazur is a special agent with the American DEA, specializing in drug trafficking into the country. He comes up with a plan to uncover and destroy one of the biggest illegal financial systems in history. In order to carry it out, Robert spends several years working undercover in Columbian kingpin Pablo Escobar’s cartel, posing as a businessman who helps the cartel launder money through his company. Escobar was famous as one of the toughest criminals of the 20th century, who also occupied a position in the Columbian government – and enjoyed popularity among the young and poor as a result.Bryan Cranston, still fresh in our minds from his breakout role as Mr. White of “Breaking Bad,” plays a hero on the side of the law this time. The film is based on the autobiography of Robert Mazur, an agent who played a key role in one of the biggest operations in the history of the American special forces.


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