Pioner Cinema » The Joyless Street
  • Drama
  • |
  • 1925
  • |
  • 125 min.
  • |
  • Germany
  • director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst
  • cast: Greta Garbo, Asta Nielsen, Valeska Gert, Gregori Chmara
  • language: Silent film
  • restrictions: 16+

“Pushkinsky / Pioner: Screen Expositions”. Together with the exhibit “Caravaggio and His Followers”. Light Painting in Film: The German Classical School.

Shot in 1925 by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, a phenomenal German director in the mould of Murnau and Lang, whose name is associated with the origins of New Objectivity in early film. Having broken with the metaphors of expressionism, Pabst directed audiences’ attention to the social and psychological problems of contemporary Germany and Austria. In “The Joyless Street,” the action takes place in Vienna during the era of postwar inflation, amid its stratification of the morally-depraved rich and powerless beggars. In the centre are the fates of women who have seen better days, and who are now forced to sell themselves in a nightclub and hotel that belong to the wife of a rich butcher. Three brilliant actresses — a young Greta Garbo, ‘queen of the European screen’ Asta Nielsen, and cabaret dancer Valeska Gert — along with the outstanding theatrical actors Werner Krauss and Gregori Chmara assured a high level of acting talent. The excellent cinematographer and innovator Guido Seeber, with the help of Curt Oertel and Walter Robert Lach, was able to create an atmosphere of sin and crime, desperation and hope in their ‘boulevard of broken dreams’ scenery with the help of a detailed lighting scheme.

The film will be shown in 35 mm print. Musical accompaniment by Filipp Cheltsov.


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